First Division Table

Waterford United 28 17 8 3 47 17 30 59
Cobh Ramblers 28 16 3 9 37 28 9 51
U.C.D. 28 13 8 7 42 23 19 47
Longford Town 28 10 8 10 34 26 8 38
Cabinteely FC 28 10 8 10 41 37 4 38
Shelbourne 28 10 8 10 35 33 2 38
Wexford FC 28 4 8 16 17 39 -22 20
Athlone Town 28 4 5 19 29 79 -50 17

10 Responses to First Division Table

  • michael smith says:

    Very disappointed to find how difficult it is to access F.A.I results for division 1

  • Anonymous says:

    Why no first division results on R T E news at 6, is it that the first division does not exist or is it that the big wigs in R T E don’t like any team outside of Dublin running away with the league. John Williams Limerick City

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s like the first division don’t matter nothing on tv about it and limerick won 12 in a row

  • anonymous says:

    I listened to sport on limerick 95 fm to-night and it gave every result except the limerick v ucd soccer result
    not a mention

  • Brian T Gaughran says:

    I’m sick of Rte not mentioning any 1st division matches. Soccer Republic is a joke.

  • anonymous ..says.. says:

    why no results from 1st division… the real supporters follow their team weather their up or down

  • john says:

    In this day and age, with the supposed grass root development and trying to revitalize soccer in Ireland. One team stands out as the soul of football and we Can’t seem to get their games reported in the first division so, RTE get the lead out and give division one coverage it due desert come one limerick

  • Brian Molloy says:

    Very disappointing how poorly the First Division is treated by both the media and the F.A.I. I don’t expect anything to change.

  • Eamonn Walsh says:

    Agree totally . Fed up with the exclusion of first division in both RTE and Newspapers.
    How can soccer develop in Ireland if this exclusive club of teams remain as the only matches worth reporting .

  • Dave kelly says:

    The FAI have abandoned the league many years ago we need good spin doctors to capture the public support required we must look at the good models we have Cork Shamrock Rovers Dundalk Limerick the league needs business investment as well as public support the LOI must be ahead of the national team when it comes to investment

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